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We are the easiest way to to sell your vehicle online with out any hassle. We deal with the buyers so you dont have to.
We are open to the public and dealer so everyone has a shot at getting the items they want and for the best price.
Tired or don't want to deal with untrustworthy sells you meet online, let us deal with them so you dont have to. We look to get the best price and money for your item.
Don't want to leave the house to sell your vehicle, or aren't near one of our locations, dont worry we'll come pick it up from you!


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Sell you your car online or just sell us your car. It's easier than you think!

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Having trouble find the right buyer for your type of vehicle, well look no further you have come to the right place. At Crosstown Auctions we specialize in selling and buying vehicles of all types while getting top dollar for them.

We take the Items you have and clean them up if they need it, take some high quality phots and put up on the auction block for all of our users to see and bid on.
We will do the reseach on your vehicle so you dont have to. With that we will come up with the best price to sell your vehicle to make sure you're getting everything it's worth.

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About Our Passion

Crosstown Auctions is a site for our members to find, bid and win the items they are looking for. Members will have a vast selection of vehicles to choose from at any of our locations. We are a growing company looking to expand to fit our members needs.

Crosstown Auction is dedicated to conducting business properly and meet the needs and desires of any of our members.
With 10 plus year of experience in buying and reselling of automobiles and like items, Crosstown Auctions is open to answer any questions you have.

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We would love to hear from you, with questions comments or any concerns you might have. You will always hear back from a real person within a meanful time.

We strive to be what all customers want in an online auction house, so we cant do this alone.
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